• Testimonials

  • JAL Consulting has a proven track record of clarifying and identifying our client’s critical issues, challenges and objectives. We will deliver and present solutions, with actionable plans for improving your business.

  • "Judi's assistance in analyzing and strengthening our compliance program has been invaluable. She is an expert in the area of health care compliance, and has helped us navigate the convoluted maze of ever changing regulations. We're very fortunate to have been able to rely on her knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the health care field." Adam Lerner, General Counsel - Pain Doctor
  • "As a physician, it is reassuring to know there are experts such as Judi Lindsay who are so well versed in current HIPAA policies that affect medical practices. Judi goes above and beyond that. She is able to draw attention to an oft-neglected topic by educating a wide audience in a logical, easy-to-understand format." Dr. Gautam Kedia, MD, FACC - Lifetime Heart & Vascular

    Thomas Blais

  • "Judith and I have worked closely with a very successful specialized medical practice client. She communicates extremely well and follows through on everything. Nothing ever falls through the cracks or is overlooked. She is even-tempered, highly intelligent, uniquely insightful and resourceful in solving problems. Judith is a person with whom it is natural to forge a strong relationship of trust. I highly recommend Judith and JAL Consultants!" Troy Wallin, Partner

    Andrew Vasquez

  • "Judith has been an integral part of helping me revamp and retool my business focus and understanding. The exercises and plan she created allowed me to take 100% responsibility for the future success of my business. She helped give me correct business structure and guidance. Judith was doing the work by giving me the tools necessary to accomplish my goals in a realistic timeframe. I am truly thankful to have Judith as my business coach. She really goes all out for her clients." Terrance Johnson - TI Fitness & Sports Performance

    Tim Oakland

  • “[CEO] Judith [Lindsay] is a person of many resources. She has helped us with our plans to develop new schools and to select the best players to make it happen.” ​​Daniel Bang, CEO - Legacy Traditional Schools