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  • Self Reflection of 2016

    December 15, 2016

    As the end of another year comes to close, the writer in me loves to reflect on the year, noting the business wins and the losses. 2016 JAL is finishing our third year in business.  I am so proud to share and announce that it has been an awesome year for JAL Consulting and myself. The company has grown as I have. In August, JAL published the 2016 Edition of HIPAA Compliance; “A [...]

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    Saturday, the 13th of August, I received a call from a neighbor, telling me about a letter she has received in the mail. It was pertaining to a recent breach of a medical organization. My first thought it was a letter from Banner Health, who recently announced the breach of 3.7 million individuals. No, it was from another organization who had a breach. My neighbor was provided services in November[...]

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    Ransomware or Bust!

    July 15, 2016

    What’s an Organization to do? Although ransomware attacks are taking place in all sectors, it is more commonplace to hear of these attacks within the healthcare sector. Within this year alone, a Hollywood hospital decided to pay the ransom of $17,000 to “rid its systems of the ransomware infection”. Soon after, hackers attacked Med Star Health, a 10 hospital network in [...]

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