• Health Insurance Drama and the Self Employed

  • My husband and I are both self-employed. As all self-employed individuals know, health insurance is one of the biggest challenges to shop for and the monthly premium is the biggest budget killer.

    We have been lucky and blessed to have been able to obtain satisfactory health insurance along with great doctors who “work within our cash budget”. And it doesn’t hurt that we strive to take care of ourselves daily with exercise and diet.

    However, there has been some hiccups along the way. Namely, a recent change in health insurance carriers for my husband and the drama proceeding the change.

    In July, my husband moved over to a supplemental insurance and prescription coverage. I remained with the same insurance group. I emailed a notification to our insurance broker in March of the change, which she replied that she would take care of cancelling my husband’s insurance. 

    Imagine my surprise when I was balancing our checking account from July and I found that there was a premium deduction for my husband’s “should have been cancelled” insurance! The same one that acknowledged receipt of the cancellation and I was assured it would be taken care of in March.  

    As I soon discovered after escalating the issue, the company requires a written cancellation notice from my husband. OK- if I was told that in the first place, I would had done that. July 27th, a written cancellation notice was sent and received. But there is still the matter about the deducted premiums. Heck, at this point, my husband is paying for two health insurance policies.

    Unfortunately, even after many back and forth emails, written cancellation and acknowledgement of, there were additional deductions.

    Finally, in August, I paid my bank to place a stop payment on the amount of the cancelled insurance premium, which cost me $36.00!

    In September, we finally received a reimbursement check for the health insurance coverage. But wait- what about the prescription coverage premium? The new coverage amount was to be is reduced to $19.99 a month according to the insurance companies’ “New Business Specialist II Specialist”.   

    What the heck? That too has been incorrectly deducted.  

    Now, I know to some folks the difference of $9.00 a month is small potatoes- however, now this is about the principal. We are now owed $27.00-  and remember the cost of a stop payment is $36.00!

    September 16th, in my email communication, I said to the insurance broker, “I understand this is not a big amount, however, to me, it is!  Not to mention the principal and just doing the right thing by the customer.”  

    Stay tuned!

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