• HIMSS 17 and Cybersecurity

  • This past week I attended the largest Health Care Conference, HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), along with over 40,000 fellow health professionals in Orlando, Florida.  

    Today, I want to share many of the significant points that were made in the all-day Cybersecurity Symposium: 

    • Health IT professionals are in great demand 

    • Repeated theme throughout the day: "healthcare is behind in IT Security"

    • Cybersecurity breaches have increased over 125% in the last five years

    • Between 2014-2016 healthcare has seen increases in
      -Threats of DOS up 83%
      -Phishing up 250%
      -Spear Phishing up 22%

    • Protection of healthcare data begins at the top leadership in C-Suite or Ownership

    • All organizations, no matter their size must have a robust plan for IT Security with an emphasis on Cybersecurity

    • “It's all about people, the people, processes, the processes, and the processes"

    • The greatest vulnerabilities in order are:
      -BYOD (people)
      -Social Engineering (people)
      -Internet of Things (people)
      -Cloud computing
      -Deferred maintenance (people)
      -Patch Management (people)
      -Co-mingling of devices (co-mingling- people)

    • Best practices that were discussed for incorporating into your IT platform were:
      - Ensuring policies are in line with your actual processes
      - Review your processes for any inconsistencies
      - Mandatory security training
      - Have a Breach and Response playbook
      - Incorporate appropriate levels of system access
      - Audit, audit, audit
      - Physical security access controls
      - Embrace guidance through NIST (*National Institute of Standards and Technology) 

    As a healthcare consultant, I was fascinated to hear Healthcare IT professionals still debating and discussing what should be common place within IT Security, in a room filled with CIO’s (Chief Information Officer) and CISO’s (Chief Information Security Officer). 


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