• Another Breach…

  • Another breach was announced today by Time Warner Cable. The F.B.I notified the company that email addresses, including passwords, may have been comprised of over 320,000 customers 

    Nathlie Burgos, Time Warner Cable Group Vice President, Public Relations said, “we haven’t yet determined how the information was obtained, but there is no indication that our systems were breached.”

    It is likely that the email addresses and passwords were stolen through some type of a malware downloaded during phishing attacks or breaches through other companies.

    Data breaches can hit any organization, of any size, in a number of ways, and hackers are always trying to find new vulnerabilities. As a result, there has never been a better time to assess what can be done to guard against any form or a data loss.

    Research from 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, has shown a steady increase in breach activity since 2014.

    Just last month, December 2015, there were reported 10 healthcare breaches, effecting over 35,000 individual records.

    In this coming year, organizations of all types and sizes should be ensuring that they are protecting their trusted data by using a three step process:

    • Implement or update your data usage policy

    • Employee training and more training

    • Design technology to protect your endpoints and the data they contain

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