• We are passionate compliance experts, determine to make a difference for our clients. JAL strives to provide the highest quality of comprehensive, affordable, and easy-to-use tools which cover every aspect of the compliance landscape. Each of JAL’s compliance solutions are customized, from policies to employee trainings.

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    • 1. Fast Facts

      2. Privacy Audits

      3. Decision Tree for Breaches

      4. Eight Areas

      5. Risk Assessment

      6. Incident Response Mgmt

      7. Notice of Privacy Practices

      8. Questions to Ask Business Associates

      9. Federal Regulations

      10. Mobile Devices

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    • The Practical Guide to Understanding and Implementing HIPAA is a powerful guide to assist any healthcare professional, such as HIPAA coordinators, compliance professionals, privacy officers, administrators and others who have the responsibility for implementing and managing HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations.

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    • JAL Consulting has a proven track record of clarifying and identifying our client’s critical issues, challenges and objectives. We will deliver and present solutions, with actionable plans for improving your business.

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    • Latest News

    • Are You Ready for the GDPR?

      As many throughout the country usher in Spring, others are wondering how the up and coming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to affect the way they currently are doing business within the European Union (EU).  The compliance date of May 25, 2018 is quickly approaching.  Do you know the effects on your business?  Are you ready? The GDPR is about to

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    • Results Is the Name of the Game

      Is your Compliance Program stuck on the road to nowhere? Is it keeping you up at night? Interested in working together? Fill out the form with some info about you and your compliance challenges. I will reply within 48 hours.

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