• We are passionate compliance experts, determine to make a difference for our clients. JAL strives to provide the highest quality of comprehensive, affordable, and easy-to-use tools which cover every aspect of the compliance landscape. Each of JAL’s compliance solutions are customized, from policies to employee trainings.

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    • 1. Fast Facts

      2. Privacy Audits

      3. Decision Tree for Breaches

      4. Eight Areas

      5. Risk Assessment

      6. Incident Response Mgmt

      7. Notice of Privacy Practices

      8. Questions to Ask Business Associates

      9. Federal Regulations

      10. Mobile Devices

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    • The Practical Guide to Understanding and Implementing HIPAA is a powerful guide to assist any healthcare professional, such as HIPAA coordinators, compliance professionals, privacy officers, administrators and others who have the responsibility for implementing and managing HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations.

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    • JAL Consulting has a proven track record of clarifying and identifying our client’s critical issues, challenges and objectives. We will deliver and present solutions, with actionable plans for improving your business.

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    • Latest News

    • HIPAA and Emergencies

      Do the laws surrounding HIPAA relax during emergencies like the recent flooding in Texas and Florida? The answer is, “no”. HHS did release a bulletin during Hurricane Harvey, with three exceptions to a breach. The exceptions are important to note, because if you have family struggling for healthcare during these challenging times, the last thing you need are complicated protocols in

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    • HIPAA and the Importance of a Notice of Privacy Practice

      Let me share what a Notice of Privacy Practice (NPP) is along with what my findings were at this recent visit to a specialist. A NPP is a document that is required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to all new patients of a provider who is considered a “covered entity.” Along with all returning patients when there has been a change to the NPP. The

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    • Cybersecurity, FBI and You

      Forward Note- This article was written the just prior to the firing of FBI Director James Comey. The article highlights the concerns of many government agencies, especially with the this past weeks global cyberattacks targeting healthcare around the world. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Former Director James Comey delivered a keynote speech at The American Hospital Association Annual

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    • Results Is the Name of the Game

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